Welcome to Brain Fit Academy

Brain Fit Academy is an expanding business working with children and families who are struggling with academic, social, emotional, organizational as well as fine and gross motor demands.

Brain Fit Academy understands child development and how underlying immaturities such as sensory integration challenges, anxiety, learning disabilities and ADHD can affect learning and behaviors.

Brain Fit Academy empowers children and families to gain self awareness and to better understand how our brains work. Fun, yet purposeful movement based activities are used to organize the child's brain to guide them in moving forward. The BFA program includes parent education which allows easier support for their children's needs.

Brain Fit Academy guides children to go from:

  • Anxious to Relaxed
  • Scattered to Organized
  • Clumsy to Coordinated
  • Sad to Proud
  • Frustrated to Confident

Brain Fit Academy offers:

  • Developmental Screenings
  • Group Classes
  • Workshops
  • Individual Therapy
  • Summer Camps
  • BFA Teacher Training
  • Homebased Programs
  • Homeschool Support
  • Brain Gym Training

Our goal is to help children develop readiness skills for successful lifelong learning!

Graduate credits available for training for workshop series.

Brain Fit expands services and is now offering 1:1 in-home services to Seniors!

Brain Fit Academy presents at the International Brain Gym Conference in June

The latest book from Pam Formosa on Empowering Your Child with Learning Differences

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