Adults & Seniors

Brain Fit Academy, Inc offers 1:1 services for adults looking for support in leading an empowered lifestyle. Brain Fit offers a variety of movement-based and energy-based tools that can assist adults to release trapped emotional baggage that clutters the system and creates blocks to moving forward.

Many of our adult clients are parents who have become overwhelmed with the demands of the family and career. Using our movement-based approach, parents can find clarity, focus and a sense of groundedness to better enable them to ground their family.

Brain Fit also offers in home 1:1 sessions to seniors who are seeking a pro-active approach to wellness or who are experiencing the emotional, cognitive and physical effects of aging, illness or injury.

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Adult Training
Brain Gym 101
Primitive Reflex Integration

Professional Development and Parent Presentations available upon request
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Brain Fit expands services and is now offering 1:1 in-home appointments for Infants & Toddlers, and Adults & Seniors!

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