Children & Teens

BFA uses an educational, neuro-developmental approach in therapy sessions. Sessions are individualized to address the childs' processing, neurological and academic needs.

Sensory and reflex integration are addressed continually as well as opportunities to strengthen their visual and auditory systems. As a child's system matures, they become more focused, organized, coordinated and confident. With these changes, come improvement in school related and social activities.

In the therapy sessions, a child learns the life long skill of setting goals or challenges and working towards them. They are guided in developing self-awareness and the ability to reflect on what's working for them and what is not. The child then applies movement-based activities that support him/her in reorganizing their nervous system for increased success. The child acquires a tool box of techniques which empower them to maximize their potential. Success breeds success.

Parent education and involvement are strongly encouraged for best possible outcomes. This is done through educational materials, participation in sessions and adult training workshops offered through BFA.

Individualized sessions are based upon screening completed by BFA and any evaluations done by third party providers.

Adult Training
Brain Gym 101
Primitive Reflex Integration

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