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Brain Fit offers services for infants and toddlers to aid in moving along development that may have become "stuck" in utero or shortly thereafter. We begin our lives in utero moving in reflexive ways to set our system up for more mature, purposeful actions. These Primitive Reflexes set the stage for later abilities. If the reflex work does not finish and integrate, an infant or toddler may seem to be extra fussy, have difficulty with breast feeding, compensate later motor patterns such as creative crawling, or seek relief from the discomfort the body is experiencing by head banging for example.

Our bodies grow and develop sequentially. If there is a hold up in a piece of the development, such as with these reflexes, our body waits for it to be called up again so that maturity can continued to move along. This early piece of development can be the root cause of your child's behavioral differences.

At Brain Fit we observe and then purposefully address the reflexes which are showing signs of being "stuck" by gently and naturally bringing attention to them so the body can come back to homeostasis. We also work with the whole family to release any possible emotional blocks that are related to the stuck development.

The process does not take very long at such a young age. It is fun and beautiful to watch a little one feel more comfortable in their own bodies. It is also wonderful to know that completion of these early reflexes will set the stage for more success later on in life.

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