What are folks saying about BFA's Reflex Integration Course...

From a BFA Adult Student

Thank you for a fantastic weekend. The Reflex Integration Course you offered this weekend was amazing to me.

On a professional level, I am reenergized and excited to get back to work. I have so many children diagnosed with Autism that I work with. I am often frustrated because the progress that I hope to see in my students is so slow in coming. I knew that there were blocks in their development, I just didn't know what to do to support the development and integration of their primitive reflexes. I am now confident that I have the correct tools to identify the reflexes that are not efficiently integrated and make changes to improve the reflex integration. It was also important for my other students to work to improve their reflex integration. I am a more efficient and effective occupational therapist because of your help this weekend.

On a personal level, I feel lighter, freer, and more hopeful. I was having visual problems that I attributed to aging that were immediately better after completing balances this weekend. I left this weekend with so many tools to help me heal myself and be more available to my family, friends, and the students I work with. You have also taught me invaluable life lessons. The most important to me is the ability to notice without judgement. I will bring this important lesson into all that I do.

Thank you for all of the gifts you gave me this weekend.


From Many BFA Adult Students
"Best Professional Development Course I have ever taken!"

"I came here for my child, but quickly learned I need this to be at my best."

"Why isn't this being done in schools? It would address both learning and behavioral needs."

What are folks saying about the Emotion Code...

Emotion Code Recipient

(After meeting with Christina for the Emotion Code work) I have felt very well. I was able to accept the incredible generosity of my parents at Christmas with more comfort than ever- it was noticeable. I think in general I have a greater sense of calm and feeling more centered on a daily basis. Sincerely, Tiffany

Emotion Code Recipient

I cannot begin to tell you how much better I feel after working with Christina yesterday. The internal anxiety I had going on was actually incapacitating me for days due to several issues going on all at once. It is gone!! I haven't felt this relaxed /normal in a long time. Meeting the two of you last spring truly has been a blessing to our family. :)
- Danielle

What are parents of Infants & Toddlers saying about BFA...

From a Brain Fit Mom

We brought our 20 month old son to see Christina due to sensory and language concerns. After one session we saw progress. The daily head banging is just about nonexistent, he is sticking his tongue out and moving it side to side, vocalizing more, and imitating sounds and actions. He had only ever army crawled, then stood up and walked; skipping over the stage of crawling on his hands and knees. Since the session, he has incorporated crawling on his hands and knees during play. As the days pass, he is continually doing new things and seems to be 'unstuck'. We are very pleased with the progress he's making!
- Jennifer

What are Adults saying about BFA...

Brain Gym 101

Words cannot describe the experience and knowledge I gained through Brain Gym 101. I am so excited to share what I have learned with my family. Definitely, a life-changing event. Thank you so much!

Brain Gym 101

Brain Gym® 101 class with Pam and Christina is multilayered. This is not just another conference. Most people take the course with the intention of helping others. Although this goal is met throughout the class in a solid way, an unexpected benefit is the self-transformation experienced through the balances performed.

Pam's kind, non judgmental nature guides you through the learning process as well as facilitating your own personal growth, which is life changing. This class is well worth the time and I highly recommend it for parents, teachers, OT, counselors and anyone who would like to experience growth and tools for life.

Brain Gym 101

I thank you again for an awesome weekend! Your method of teaching the Brain Gym was fabulous. I have found it very useful at home and at work.

I have been to many, many conferences as you can imagine, and this is one that I did not walk away from and file the manual away on my OT shelf never to open again. This is fabulous and useful information to say the least! It truly improves quality of lives.

Mom's in Balance Class

Mom's in Balance is an extraordinary outlet for a mother's own 'glitches in the system'. Whether it be relating to personal imbalances, anxiety over a situation, or relationships, I guarantee you will leave feeling balanced, refreshed, and empowered!

Darcy Shramek

Mom's in Balance Class

I think we are so often focus on everything that we do for our kids, our spouses and our jobs that we forget to take a moment to take care of ourselves. This was a wonderful opportunity for me to connect with other mothers who are facing similar challenges; it reminded me that I wasn't alone. Attending Moms in Balance helped me re-direct, it was a time full of connection, communication and compassion. I emerged from the sessions reinvigorated and with a deeper sense of focus.

Joanne Basille

What are High School students saying about BFA...

From a Student

I am a 17 year old, junior in high school. Brain Gym has helped me so much throughout my life, especially during the last few high school years. With grades, sports and even friends, I have found Brain Gym to be a successful tool. One time in particular, was when I got my driver's license. I had just past all the tests but there was still something holding me back from being 100% confident behind the wheel. After doing Brain Gym a few times, my confidence did a 180! I now love to drive and don't hesitate like I used to. I am very thankful for these Brain Gym tools.

From a Student

I am a 15 year old student at Hopedale High School, who for the longest time, has had a great lack of organizational skills and the ability to focus on everything from academics to sports. This has affected my ability to hand in papers on time, sit down and study and even pick information that was reviewed in classes. I decided I had had enough and started weekly sessions of Brain Gym. This has made a dramatic difference in my life. Since I started Brain Gym, I have made great changes in school, including being able to focus for greater amounts of time, taking notes, not just for the sake of writing them, but remembering them as well, easier time studying and even better grades. Although some of the exercises were quite awkward at the beginning and hard to adapt to, I have learned that they are nothing other than a few movements that take no more than 4-5 minutes and for the most part are unrecognizable by other students if I chose to do them in class. In fact, Brain Gym has become part of my daily routine, whether it is before a class that requires a larger amount of memorization, a test, or even if I am just stressed out at home and relaxation is needed. There are both short and long term effects Brain Gym has had on me. One of the short term effects is the fact that it takes no more than a minute for the effects of relaxation, focus or stress reduction to kick in. One of the long term effects is the higher level of organization I have achieved. I can't even begin to explain how much that has helped me in every way both at home and at school. Brain Gym will be a big part of my schedule in the next few months with MCAS being very stressful and tiring. All in all, Brain Gym has made a dramatic difference which I have been trying to take advantage of every chance I get.

From a Student

I am a Junior in high school. I have been running Cross Country for several years. I was having trouble breaking my best time for the three mile races. My coach could not figure out why and felt I had it in me. I chose to participate in a session of Brain Gym. I immediately felt different. I started doing a few minutes of Brain Gym prior to my races. I not only broke my time, but continued to improve all season! I am even getting solicited by colleges now. Maybe Brain Gym was a part of that?

What are Elementary School parents saying about BFA...

From a Parent

Since my 7 year old Nate started Brain Fit with Christina, he has had fewer emotional outbursts. He has learned to transition better from one activity to the next. We have noticed a difference in his level of anxiety in many activities and he seems more flexible in his day to day activities. He now has many tools in his "arsenal" when he needs to relieve anxiety or increase focus.

J. Allen - Hopedale

From a Parent

When my 10 year old son first started with Pam my intention was to seek help with his ADHD symptoms. He had been on medication to address his symptoms but I was seeing little change and I really did not want him to stay on medication. Little did I know how much more we would get out of our weekly sessions.

I believe the key to my son's tremendous progress was through Reflex Integration. It appears as though very few of his primal reflexes ever integrated. Pam noticed that right off the bat and immediately began working on them. My son's body was very tight, little flexibility. We blamed it on his hockey playing when in reality he was so tense because he struggles so much in school. After a few months there is a marked improvement in his body. He is so much more fluid at skating and running. This has helped him in school and sports because he is spending less time and energy trying to make himself comfortable.

My son is currently off his medication and is doing well in school. We are also participating in the Listening Program and I'm anxious to see what results await us. After only 8 weeks, he is sleeping better and his communication has greatly improved. He is singing song lyrics and asking about definitions of words he doesn't know. I'm still amazed.

K. Lombardi - Holliston

From a Parent

The Brain Fit program has changed our lives. I always knew from 12 months on that my son had more energy than most boys, he was more impulsive, more distractible. He was LOUD! He was that crazy boy that no one wanted to be around. He made it through kindergarten ok but it started to become evident that First grade would pose a problem. Early into first grade he began to struggle. He started to hate school because he was always in trouble. Even though his testing showed him to be high intelligence he would miss instructions and not complete work correctly. He had to sit alone. He tried so hard to hold it together at school he would come home and explode. Daily routines were a constant battle and frequently ended up with me yelling and that was not the type of parent I wanted to be. My son was then diagnosed with ADHD which came as no surprise to me. We were all a mess. We began working with Christina doing Brain Gym that year. We had worked the summer before on reading skills and she noticed then that he needed help to control his body. I think my exact words were "I think we need a lot of help"

Since then things have only gotten better. My son has gone from hating school to loving it. Fighting to read books to agreeing to read. At home daily routines are done without a fight. I can say to him that he needs to calm down and he will. He has the tools to be able to do this on his own. He can now recognize his disruptive behavior and stop or do something to relax himself. A big part of this was the Brain Fit classes he participated in. He loved the class! It has empowered him to explore himself, his behaviors and how he can change himself for the better. He understands himself. I've had so many people say that my son is a different kid - and he is. They notice that he is not that crazy boy anymore. I KNOW that he is happier, more content with himself, his performance in school and in his social relationships. He knows that he is in control of his body now, not the ADHD.

E. Lachiatto - Hopedale

From a Parent

My 10 year old daughter has struggled in school since preschool. She always was at her best one on one. We have had OT services, lunch bunch, friendship groups, counseling, to name a few. She needs constant reminders to stay on task, stay focused and to remain in her seat. Last year she got diagnosed with Non Verbal Learning Disability, Anxiety and ADHD. Last fall we started Brain Fit Academy (101). She had been pulling away from group activities, but she really looks forward to her sessions. Since she started, she has become so much more vocal about what is going on in her head. After her first session she told her father that she didn't have a learning disability she was misunderstood. Pam, Christina and Kim GET these children and the children get each other. For the first time, she does not feel all alone and different from other children her age. She also started solo sessions with Christina. She has been able to express herself in school much better saying things like "I know I am supposed to focus on math, but there are so many other thoughts in my head that I am not sure what I should be doing now." This gave her teachers more insight into what she was thinking. She has been able to express her need to be by herself to her extended family. During ice skating lessons last year, she always waited until the group was half way across the ice before feeling comfortable following the lesson. Only last week, she joined the crowd during public skating to get on the ice. These are huge accomplishments for her. She has been able to open up like she hasn't been able to before and I attribute a lot of this toward Brain Fit Academy. I would highly recommend this to anyone who had a child who is really struggling in school or other group settings."

E. Furtado - Hopedale

From a Parent

I cannot believe that six months have come and gone. I recall when we first met and you said the typical length of Brain Fit Services is anywhere from 6 months to a year. I remember thinking that was such a long period of time. Now I think where has the time gone and am even more amazed in what Grace has accomplished in such a short period of time. This is something that I attribute to Brain Fit.

As I sit here to write this letter, I look at Grace and say things are going great. She just received an excellent report card and she is working to her potential and more importantly loves school and learning. It is funny how quickly a person forgets the struggles. I forgot when I called you how lost I felt that Grace was not working to her potential and was trying to get Grace help in school through accommodations and modifications. What I really wanted was to figure out the root cause of Grace's difficulties and try to "fix" them.

I researched the Brain Fit program and was a bit skeptical because I did not understand it completely but still wanted to set up an appointment. After our first meeting, I left with so much information (information that made sense).

As Pam worked with Grace, I saw how much she truly cared about her and focused on her the entire session. Grace looked forward each week and my other children were quite jealous of her "fun time with Pam". I watched the sessions and noticed things were becoming easier for Grace but did not understand why. As weeks passed, Grace suddenly was reading and writing sentences. I wanted to know more. How could I incorporate this into my entire family's lives? That is when I attended the 3-day Brain Gym 101 Workshop. This workshop truly made all of the difference in the world! I better understood how the brain worked and why certain activities helped stimulate areas of the brain. I saw why brain Gym should be part of my own life. Pam you would be proud, I used it before writing this letter to get me focused. After taking this workshop I knew I could do this on my own and that it is now part of my life. As we end our formal Brain Fit sessions we are left with a happy daughter who now has a tool box filled with tools to use all throughout life. I thank you Pam for showing my family these tools because I know each day they will make a positive difference in our lives. Thank you for being the person who you are. You truly make a difference.

Camille Harvey - Upton, MA

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